About Equestrianism.net, the horse riding shop

About Equestrianism.net… This Web site was launched in 2001 by a small group of Somerset horse riding enthusiasts who were frustrated by their inability to find quality equestrian products on the Net to buy.

hat-8770512Equestrianism.net aims to become the Web’s biggest horse riding portal, offering a completely different approach to existing services. This site will be colourful, engaging and offer you some of the best prices around!

From clothing and accessories to horse wear, tackroom and stable items, Equestrianism.net is the place to go for the very best choice of items.

Equestrianism.net also offers horse and pony health products, sports riding items, horse riding equipment and equestrian-themed gifts.

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The Equestrianism.net Team

You can also buy Equestrianism.net branded merchandise here from our own store – T-shirts, mugs, clocks, and more!